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πŸ’Ž Official FWA Clan πŸ’Ž (#2YC2R90Y)

What is FWA?
Farm War Aliance

The Farm War Alliance is a group of over 800+ (and climbing higher every day) clans whose primary goal is to match against each other in arranged wars. The focus of an FWA clan is to be able to harvest the free loot generated by the Clash system, easy stars and generous clan XP. Provided your clan’s weight, composition and start is done correctly, 96% of the time your clan will be matched with another FWA clan.

How do I recognise another FWA Clan?

All FWA clans MUST have their location set to Lesotho and β€˜πŸ’Žβ€™ mentioned in their description. The πŸ’Ž emoji is the Official emoji of the Farm War Alliance. You can also check the Proud Clans of FWA List. All FWA Clans must also have their War Log set to public.